Mobile Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile forensics is the collection of evidence from mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and GPS devices.

Evidence we can collect includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Deleted Contacts, like deleted files, are often more interesting that what wasn't deleted. Forensic techniques can recover deleted contacts.
  • Deleted Text Messages can be recovered by accessing the device's sqlite database that stores text messages.
  • Location Awareness is a key benefit of mobile forensics. Many apps record where a device has been. Weather apps, for example, use a device's GPS location every few minutes to provide the latest weather updates.
  • Dynamic Text refers to any words you type that aren't in the dictionary. This is useful for getting important user names, email addresses, and chat fragments.
  • Internet History is a crucial aspect of eDiscovery, providing valuable information based on a user's Internet browsing habits.
  • WiFi History can provide a list of every hotspot a mobile device has connected to or (in rare cases) has come in range of.