• Data Recovery

    Data recovery brings back the digital evidence someone wanted hidden—and that your case needs.

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  • Digital Forensics

    Let the Three Fires team uncover the evidence you need to build the strongest case possible.

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  • Mobile Forensics

    In an investigation, every byte counts. Cell phones hold critical information, don't let that critical evidence go undiscovered. We have the tools and experience to go after every byte.

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Password Removal

Don't let a password prevent you from uncovering that critical piece of evidence.   We can remove passwords  and break down the barriers that are holding back your case.

Disk Imaging

We take the pain out of disk imaging .  Our disk imaging service will clear any backlog you have, while maintaining the chain of custody, no matter the size.


Windows Forensics

Windows forensics can uncover a staggering amount of evidence.  Don't let mountains of data hinder your investigation, let us help you filter out the noise.   

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices hold some of the most personal and important information you will need for your investigation. Let our tools and experience work to strengthen your case.

Memory Forensics

Computer memory must be analyzed, it often reveals the smoking gun that tells the whole story of what happened on a system.